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World Class Shorthair Color Ideas Introduction One of the best things about short hair is that it’s easy to experiment with new colors. If you’ve always wanted to try out some fun new shades but haven’t yet, now’s the time! Here are some colors we think would look great on a shaggy hairstyle: Neutral Blonde Balayage If you’re looking to add some dimension to your hair, a neutral blonde balayage is a great way to do it. This color technique can work on dark or light hair and can be customized based on the client’s preferences. This look works well with any face shape, but oval faces tend to look best with this style because they balance out the roundness of their faces. Pink Balayage with Ombre Ends Balayage highlights are a great way to get an ombre effect without the commitment of dying your entire head of hair. They’re done by hand, so they look more natural than traditional foils and can be done on any hair color. They look best on long hair that’s been cut into layers for maximum movement. If your stylist doesn’t know how to do balayage highlights yet–or if you want a new look but don’t have time for a haircut–you can try out this technique at home: Part your hair down the middle and clip up one side of your bangs so they don’t get in the way while you work on dyeing them (the rest will stay down). Section off part of each sectioned piece with clips or bobby pins so there aren’t any stray hairs when applying color throughout the length of each section; this will also help keep everything even when applying product later on in step 4 below! Fiery Red Balayage of Long Bobs If you have long bob hair, you can opt for a fiery red balayage. This hairstyle will suit your face shape and the color will make it look more defined. The best part about this style is that it’s super easy to maintain! If you’re looking for an eye-catching look without having to spend hours in front of the mirror every morning trying to style your hair, then this one’s perfect for you! Dark Ash Brown to Deep Auburn Rooty Color Melt A rooty color melt is a technique where the color is applied from the root up. This is a great way to get a dramatic color change, especially if you want to go from dark brown to deep auburn. The result will be vibrant and rich with dimension! Hot Pink Base with Neon Tips and Lowlights The hot pink base with neon tips and lowlights is a great way to get a cute color that is still professional. Shorthairs are often overlooked when it comes to their coloring, but they can look just as good as any other cat! Your hair will look healthy and vibrant with this style, which may help you feel more confident in your workplace. Copper Red Balayage with a Purple Ombr For this look, you can use a direct dye or a semi-permanent color. If you’re using direct dye, it’s best to apply the copper red balayage first with a brush and then follow up with purple ombr. If you’re using semi-permanent colors, start by applying the copper red balayage all over your cat’s fur before adding in some purple ombr highlights around their face and ears. If you want to get your hair a new color, you can try one of these. You will have to book an appointment with your hair stylist. Ask them for recommendations and show them a picture of your desired color. Conclusion If you’re looking to get your hair colored, these are some great ideas. If you want more inspiration, we have plenty of other color ideas here at Hair by Gigi.