Top 10 Best Short Haircut and Layers

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Many go to their barber for the sharpest haircut possible, especially before a special occasion like a wedding or family reunion. But if you’d rather save on frequent barbershop visits, the best hair clippers are designed to help you achieve a fresh, sleek look—and make you feel confident taking matters into your own hands. (We chose the Andis Master Cordless Clipper as our top pick for its power and versatility.) By selecting the right ones, you’re already well on your way to an even cut, says Julien Howard, a New York-based barber known as the Vélo Barber.

Similarly to beard trimmers or electric razors, hair clippers come in handy for various use cases. Whether you’re looking to perfect an easy fade or try a modern, layered hairstyle, there are a few things to consider before channeling your amateur barber. Among them? Think about your grooming needs and history, plus your hair type and overall desired look. To help, we tapped Howard and other experts for their recommendations on the best hair clippers for several scenarios. In addition, we’ve included smart and efficient picks beloved by our staffers as well as online reviewers.

Here’s your pick if you ever want to give your barber a gift—or if you want the best clippers for home use. “This has a masterfully designed aluminum body and powerful motor that can cut through any hair type,” says Howard. “The adjustable blade handle is perfect for precise fading or getting that five o’clock shadow just right. The 10-ounce weight reflects the power.” If desired, the device can also be zero-gapped, which means its teeth can be aligned to deliver the closest, sharpest cut possible (this is best avoided with sensitive skin, however).